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Square Dancing in the Gym

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Bright Star

Bedwetter: the Musical

Consider the Couch

Do French Women Wear Joggers in Public?

Prayer for the French Republic

Non-Linear Narrative

Artist Housing: The Mountainview Suite

The Halfgod of Rainfall

The Cherry Orchard


A Prayer for the French Republic

A Doll's House Part 2

A Doll's House

A Doll's House

Peer Gynt

Stages are Cages

Hire Professional Actors

$50 The Lehman Trilogy

The Beastmaster is a Shakespearian

She Who Knows her Hose...

"Oh my god. Why?!?"

Hire Someone with a Kit: Part 2

My Last "Loose Woman" Reflection

Evita with a Young Date

"Loose Women"

$50 Joy and the Pandemic

Joy and the Pandemic

Too Many Costumes!

Hire Someone with a Kit: Part #1

$50 Budget

Real Superheroes Wear Toolbelts

$500 Budget

Professional Design Process

$5,000 Budget

Gloria's Costume Designer

Gloria: A Life

Gloria: A Life

Gloria: a Life

Theater Date with Mom?!?

The Wife of Willesden

Obstructed Views

Bringing Kids to Theater

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